Photo Credit: Suzannah Scott Photography

Sarah is based in Oakland, Ca, where she runs Sawmill Studio, a renovated warehouse loft that houses her art studio and photo/event production location. Sarah’s creative services (in the studio and beyond) include interior installations, photography, art direction + props/staging/styling. 

She has a background in painting, photography and design-build interiors. 

Deeply connected to collaborating with her community, Sarah welcomes fellow creatives into Sawmill Studio- chefs, workshop instructors, film producers and pop-up shop vendors to name a few. 

More about Sawmill Studio here

She has a degree in fine art from JMU in her home state of Virginia and started her career as a portrait painter and decorative artist. Sarah partnered with her father for many years on bespoke interior surfaces, large scale event installations, film/theater sets and a shared experimental retail/gallery space (featuring a coffee bar, movie screenings and weekly drawing salon). After closing the shop space in 2012, Sarah spent a few months painting at an artist residency in Italy before moving to the Bay Area.